Słowo o „Dumba Collective” w Nowym Jorku

4 Maj 2010

Feeling blah? Tired of Patriarchal Systems of Domination? Oppressive and Culturally Hegemonic imagery of dykes and queers as people with either steroid-enhanced gym tits or second date U-Hauls? Feeling locked up in a Commodified and Marginalized „lifestyle”? Sick of living in a world where, as activist Amber Hollibaugh once remarked, people „mistake having an identity for having a politics”? Normativity got you down?

There’s hope, if not exactly an answer. Hop the F train to York Street in Brooklyn and head for a space called DUMBA. It’s at a crossroads somewhere in DUMBO, at an address that— for reasons having to do with residential occupancy of commercial realty— it is probably safer not to print. Ask around. Say you’re looking for an alternative „queer space.” Mention the men and women of anarchic disposition and divergent sexual nature who’re inhabiting a former photo lab and running a radical cultural collective. Stand on a corner and yell „Homocore!” Someone will surely tap you on the shoulder and politely direct you toward Jay Street.

(zobacz: http://www.villagevoice.com/1999-05-11/news/queers-in-space/)

DUMBA was founded in a loft, during the summer of 1996 by a group of people which included filmmaker Scott Berry, Kelly Besser, Vincent Baker, and others. It would come to call itself the „DUMBA Collective” by around 2000. The group’s name, DUMBA, is derived from DUMBO, the neighborhood between Fulton Landing and Vinegar Hill.

The 5000-square-foot loft used for the collective’s space was commercially zoned under the Manhattan Bridge overpass and housed six or seven residents between the years 1996 and 2006. It has been described as „a maze of rooms small and large,”with a large open space used as a stage and dance area, as well as two kitchens that provided vegetarian food. Notable aesthetics of DUMBA included the retro fridge in the front kitchen, the map camera room, and, in later years, a Kodak vending machine that dispensed Super 8 film, and the Adult Books sign „liberated” from a Manhattan sex shop on 14th Street.

DUMBA lost its lease to the loft in 2006. It is unknown what the landlord’s plans for the space are.

(zobacz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumba#The_DUMBA_Collective)



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